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A family saga
for more than 40 years

It all started in the sixties in Casablanca,
in Morocco. Mr. Emile Munos, at first a workshop manager then director of a food factory, managed to industrialize the production of couscous. His ingenuity caught the attention of Mr. Philippe Carret of the Rivoire and Carret pasta family,
who offered him to combine their talents and to set up a factory of manufacture in France.

In 1974, they created the company CARRET MUNOS
in Franconville near Paris.

Together, they developped the brand with a high quality couscous. They even manufactured in 1978 
the first whole-wheat couscous, the ancestor of organic.

But organic was not yet fashionable and this first attempt was not conclusive commercially although qualitatively irreproachable.

In 1996 , Mr. Carret died and the Munos family
completely bought out the company. Emile Jean Munos
succeeded  his father and upgraded the machines.

In 2012 , the company moved near Aix en Provence.
And the second generation is gradually replaced by the third one.

Since 2014 , we have been constantly developing new products: an ORGANIC range made up of different couscous and in particular a seed made from einkorn,
a chestnut and hemp couscous… to add variation to your meal! 

Quality First !

Carret Munos only works with top quality durum wheat semolina.  Its suppliers are historic and supply Carret Munos with a semolina with its own characteristics.

Another guarantee of quality, the electronics is absent of
machine settings. Thus, manufacturing depends
from the experience of machine operators.

This gives Carret Munos couscous an appearance but also an inimitable taste.  

Carret Munos works according to the HACCP method.
It identifies, assesses and controls significant hazards
with regard to food safety.

Finally, various tests are carried out to check the
product quality: cooking test, humidity, density, etc.

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