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Our conventional range

Our conventional range is mainly composed by our premium durum wheat couscous. Appreciated by “connoisseurs”, it often reminds the flavors of traditional hand-rolled seeds!

We also produce an einkorn couscous with hazelnut flavor
and are constantly looking for new recipes!

Durum wheat couscous
Premium quality 

It is our primary product! 
The one we have been making since the beginning.  

We work with high quality durum wheat semolina to obtain a light, colorful and tasted couscous.

Two grain sizes are available :
• a FINE couscous, with a subtle and refined consistency
• a MEDIUM couscous, easier to cook.  

Ingredients : 100% premium durum wheat semolina. Naturally contains GLUTEN.

Available in 1kg  5kg and 25kg bags.

Nutritional Values (for 100g of raw product):

Energy  : 1546 kJ/ 365 Kcal (18% of RDA)

Fat  : 1.7 g (saturated fatty acids: traces) (2% of RDA)

Carbohydrates  : 73 g (of which sugars 3.4g) (28% of RDA)

Dietary fiber  : 3.7g

Proteins  : 12 g (24% of RDA)

Salt  : Traces


Einkorn couscous

Nutritional Values (for 100g of raw product):

Energy  : 1505 kJ/ 356 Kcal

fat  : 3.9 g (saturated fatty acids: 0.6g)

Carbohydrates  : 64 g (of which sugars 4g)  

Dietary fiber  : 8.8g  

Proteins  : 12g  

Salt  : Traces

Einkorn is the distant ancestor of wheat.  

It was cultivated in ancient Egypt and among the Romans
but its culture was then abandoned in favor of wheat, offering more yield.​ It is a cereal which, unlike some others, has not been genetically modified. It is low in gluten, which makes it easier to digest .

From this top-quality cereal, Carret Munos decided to make a couscous with a subtle hazelnut taste .

Ingredients  : einkorn flour from Sault (84). Naturally contains GLUTEN.

Packaging on demand.

Our quality charter

For the manufacture of our couscous, we give the priority  to the quality of raw material

in order to offer a product that is as beautiful as it is good.

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