A family history since more than 40 years...

60's: Casablanca, Morocco.

Emile Munos, born in Oran, foreman then director of a food factory succeeds to industrialize the couscous making process. His ingenuosity draws the attention of Mr Philippe Carret from the Rivoire et Carret pastas family, who suggests to Mr Munos to join their abilities and create a couscous manufacture factory in France. 


1974 : Creation of SA CARRET MUNOS in Franconville, Val d’Oise (North of Paris).


1978 : Carret Munos manufactures the first whole wheat couscous, pioneer of organic couscous.


But at that time, organic products are not fashionnable yet and this first test is not commercially viable even though the quality is perfect. 


Place Mohammed V, Casablanca, Maroc

1996 : Death of Mr Carret. The Munos famity buys out the company and Emile Jean Munos, who succeeds his father (retired) modernizes the machines. 


2012 : To get closer to Moulins de la Valentine, its main supplier, the company relocates near Aix en Provence. And the third generation begins to manage the company .

Since 2014, we are continually developping new ranges of products: organic products, einkorn couscous...

Montagne Sainte-Victoire

Quality above all...

Carret Munos only works with high quality semolina. Its suppliers are historical and make for Carret Munos a semolina with special caracteristics.


Carret Munos does not use electronics for the settings of its machine. Thus, the production depends on the experience of the operators. That gives to Carret Munos couscous a look and a taste like no other.


Carret Munos works with the HACCP method which consists in identifying, evaluating and controlling the risks

Different tests are made to control the quality: cooking tests, humidity, density, ...