Carret Munos is  specialized in couscous manufacture.

Couscous is a popular dish but it is still often considered as exotical.

But actually, it can be cooked daily to replace rice or pastas for example.


We produce our couscous in our manufacture of Peynier , South of France (between Aix en Provence and Marseille). 


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We have two ranges of products:

the  Conventionnal one and the Organic one.


Durum wheat couscous, premium quality


With two types of grains:

Fine: more traditionnal and refined

Medium: easier to prepare.

(Available in bags of 1kg, 5kg and 25kg.

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Grains de couscous moyen
Sac 25 kg moyen
Sachet 1kg moyen
1kg moyen
Sachet 1kg moyen
Sac de 5kg
Carret Munos

Einkorn couscous 

Einkorn is an ancient grain, forerunner of wheat. 

It was mostly cultivated in antic Egypt or among the Romans but its culture was then dropped in favor of wheat which offered more yield.

Einkorn has physiological and nutritionnal qualities higher than wheat and, unlike some other cereals, it has not been genetically modified.

It contains gluten but less than common wheat, so is easy to digest.

From this cereal of high quality, we decided to make a gentle tasted of nut couscous (available in 500- gram bag).

To see the nutritionnal values of einkorn couscous, click here.


Carret Munos prososes three different products:

- Organic white couscous: 500g or 5kg  bags.

- Organic semi-whole wheat couscous 500g or 5kg bags.

- Organic whole wheat couscous: 500g or 5kg bags.

- Organic einkorn couscous: 500g or 5kg bags.

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White cuscus
White cuscus

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50% whole wheat
50% whole wheat

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White cuscus
White cuscus

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